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Who are Mozpacers?

Mozpacers are the active Mozillians of the Delhi Mozilla Community. Two ReMos (Mozilla Representatives) Anup Kumar Mishra and Ajay Kumar, along with Bhuvnesh Dogra took up initiatives in early 2014, to ameliorate the existing Delhi Mozilla Community. Ever since then, the Community has been deluged with contributors from diverse disciplines.

We strongly believe in building up an Open and Dynamic Community, that will contribute actively to achieve Mozilla’s Mission i.e. Making a better Web.

Regions Covered

Apart from Delhi and NCR , we also propagate the idea of Open Source Community and Mozilla in various other North Indian states viz Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab etc, through various workshops, seminars and events.

Structure of the Community

Two major groups constitute the Community. These are:

  • Technical Contributors
  • Non technical Contributors

But, an individual contributing in a technical project , can also be an active part of another non technical project and vice versa. We make sure , that everyone gets the opportunity to take up various leadership and managerial roles. We heartily welcome any type of contributor and they can opt to be a part of any of the project, depending on his/her field of interest.

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