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MozCoffee Delhi 7.0

MozPacers organized their 7th MozCofee on Saturday, July 30th, 2016. The attendees were:

  1. Anup Mishra
  2. Ajay Singhi
  3. Prateek
  4. Sanyam Khurana
  5. Kunal Relan
  6. Nikhil Handa
  7. Chetanya Kandhari
  8. Raounak Sharma
  9. Anudit Verma
  10. Abhishek Chopra
  11. Manraj Singh

Chetanya, Raounak, Anudit and Abhishek were newly inducted Mozillians who were keenly interested in knowing and ...

Launching Official Blog of Mozilla MozPacers

⁠⁠⁠We're happy to announce the launch of our official blog, the site that will keep you updated about our latest developments, activities and events. Till then stay tuned.